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    Loving their gifted teacher, who makes them feel like the indignity of school is worthwhile, three boys are dismayed when the teacher falls ill and leaves for the rest of the school year, a situation that compels them to share their stories.



    Once upon a time, a wolf lived in a forest all by himself. All the other animals lived in pairs, and, as spring approached, the Wolf started to despair—and decided to go looking for love.

  • Who is J.K. Rowling?Who is J.K. Rowling? / WHO WAS

    Pollack, Pam.

    "In 1995, on a four-hour-delayed train from Manchester to London, J. K. Rowling conceived of the idea of a boy wizard named Harry Potter. Upon arriving in London, she began immediately writing the first book in the saga. Rowling's true-life, rags-to-riches story is as compelling as the world of Hogwarts that she created. This biography details not only Rowling's life and her love of literature but the story behind the creation of a modern classic"--

  • ValensteinsValensteins

    Long, Ethan, author, illustrator.

    On a cold, dark night perfect for scaring, Fran is making a valentine, causing other members of Fright Club to howl and hiss over the idea of being in love.

  • Two Catch a ThiefTwo Catch a Thief / STICK CAT : 3

    Watson, Tom.

    A thief is on the loose. He is big, determined, and sneaky. Will Stick Cat convince a hungry Edith to help him catch the thief?.

  • Return to the Isle of the LostReturn to the Isle of the Lost / DESCENDANTS : 2

    De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-, author.

    Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay have received threatening messages demanding they return home. They have a sneaking suspicion that their villainous parents are behind the messages, and something Evie sees in her Magic Mirror confirms their fears. Although Maleficent's just a tiny lizard after her confrontation with Mal, could she have found a way to escape? Mal and her friends determine to sneak back to the Isle to get to the bottom of the mystery.

  • Over and Under the SnowOver and Under the Snow

    Messner, Kate.

    Over the snow, the world is hushed and white, but under the snow is a secret world of squirrels and snowshoe hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many others who live outside in the woods during the winter.

  • Oh, Valentine, We've Lost Our Minds!Oh, Valentine, We've Lost Our Minds! / MY WEIRD SCHOOL SPECIAL

    Gutman, Dan.

    "Prepare for weirdness when Ella Mentry School gets a French foreign exchange student just in time for Valentine's Day!"--

  • Not Quite NarwhalNot Quite Narwhal

    Sima, Jessie, author.

    Born deep in the ocean, Kelp is not like the other narwhals and one day, when he spies a creature on land that looks like him, he learns why.

  • Miss Tracy is Spacey!Miss Tracy is Spacey! : MY WEIRDEST SCHOOL : 9

    Gutman, Dan.

    Miss Universe is coming to Ella Mentry School. Her real name is Miss Tracy, and she's a retired scientist who will teach the students about planets and the solar system. But what happens when A.J. has to be Uranus in the school play?.

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Popular Titles

  • The Storm WhaleThe Storm Whale

    Davies, Benji, author, illustrator.

    "Every day, in a house by the sea, a little boy watches his father leave for a long day's work. One night, a great storm washes a small whale onto the beach. The boy discovers the whale is a good listener. The father discovers the boy is lonely. Together, they return the whale to the sea. And from that day on, the boy learns that the father can be a good listener too"--

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The GetawayDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway : DIARY OF A WIMPY KID : 12

    Kinney, Jeff.

    Greg Heffley and his family escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but sun poisoning, stomach troubles, and venemous creatures all threaten their vacation.

  • Little Red Gliding HoodLittle Red Gliding Hood

    Lazar, Tara.

    A figure-skating enthusiast, Little Red has worn out her skates and must win a pairs competition to earn new ones. But who will be her partner? The Dish is already skating with the Spoon, and Hansel has Gretel.

  • The Lion InsideThe Lion Inside

    Bright, Rachel, author.

    A little mouse decides to seek lessons in roaring from the mighty lion--who happens to be afraid of mice--and the two become good friends.

  • Your Alien ReturnsYour Alien Returns

    Sauer, Tammi.

    It is the human boy's turn to visit the extraterrestrial's home planet and to feel like an outsider. With a little help from his very best friend in the whole universe, our young hero finds a way to fit in.

  • ReindeerReindeer / Science Slam:Arctic Animals

    Phillips, Dee, 1967-, author.

    "In this books, readers learn about the life and habits of reindeer"--

  • The Little SnowplowThe Little Snowplow

    Koehler, Lora, author.

    On the Mighty Mountain Road Crew, the trucks come in one size: BIG. That is, until the little snowplow joins the crew. None of the other trucks think that the little snowplow can handle the big storms, but he knows that he can do it--and just to be sure, he trains hard, pushing loads of gravel, pulling blocks of concrete, and doing plow lifts to get ready. But when a blizzard arrives, will the little snowplow's training be enough to clear the streets and handle unexpected trouble?.

  • Sick SimonSick Simon

    Krall, Dan.

    By not covering his mouth or washing his hands, Simon spreads his cold to his teacher and classmates, much to the delight of three germs named Virus, Protozoa, and Bacteria.

  • Snow LeopardsSnow Leopards : Explore My World

    Esbaum, Jill.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid :The Long Haul :Bk. # 9Diary of a Wimpy Kid :The Long Haul :Bk. # 9 : Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Kinney, Jeff.

    The Heffley family road trip starts off full of promise, then quickly takes several wrong turns--with everything from a fender bender to crazed seagulls--but even the worst road trip can turn into an adventure, and this is one the Heffleys will not soon forget.

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